Get to Know the YCCC Hawk and the Fearless You!

As York County Community College entered 2020, we were focused on reimagining who we are and how we could best represent the diligent and focused commitment of our campus community, as well as the grit and determination exemplified by our students and graduates on a daily basis.

We chose the hawk for a variety of reasons. As a spirit animal, the hawk is regarded as optimistic, strategic, decisive, and creative. Those that adopt the spirit of the hawk possess a mystical vision that empowers them to see possibilities even in stressful situations, thereby allowing them to progress ahead of everyone else. The most dominant trait of the hawk, however, is its fearlessness.

Making the decision to pursue education to secure a better life for you and your family often comes with questions and even some uncertainty. We get it.

At York County Community College, we offer solutions that take the fear out of making the right choice for your higher education.  Whether your concerns are about affordability, convenience, or the student support that you may need, we are here to help make that college degree or credential that you have been seeking a reality.

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